William was right, the files are a mess. On one disk
I found a recipe for camel bladders.  Even so, I've
tried to put the material in some sort of order.

You will notice that the speaker's 'voice' - the
voice of Ptolemy - reads like William's letters.

This doesn't necessarily invalidate his discovery.
But it shows that my brother has book deals on
the brain. Archaeology Today will crucify him.

And that brings us to the first excerpt.

Remember that the Ptolemaic Deception was discovered in
Turkey, not Egypt. This anomaly will be explained later.

 "... fleet is currently anchored in our harbor. I suspect that Caesar's minions have been devising new instruments of torture for my benefit. After all, how can he know I'm not responsible for Pompey's murder? My chief minister, Pothinus, tragically assuming that the deed would please everyone, including the Romans, acted without my knowledge or consent. Placing Pompey's head upon a golden spike overlooking the harbor was of course Cleopatra's idea, but then My Sister loves nothing if not a show. And she knew, or thought she knew, how to implicate me in the foul business. She saw to it that my personal banner, not the Royal Banner but my personal one, was fixed beneath Pompey's head and wrapped around his severed neck like some obscene scarf. Winds were brisk this morning, I'm told; and it must have waved to Caesar, gaily, as he passed ..." [At this point a small section is lost.]

" ... when Pompey, at the pleasure of the Roman Senate, was made Our Legal Guardian. He once said that ungrateful children were his lifelong curse. It certainly proved true in Cleopatra's case. I remember the day she murdered Our Father ..." [And here a larger section has gone missing. I'll look for it and, hopefully, post more in the next few days.]

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