As a child, she had few unuttered thoughts.

I'm gonna be a star, old lady!

Even as a debutante, her thoughts were udder-ed.

I'm gonna be a star, Bessie!

  She was barn to make it big.    


I say 'howdy' cause I'm just regular folks, Gulf Coast born and bred, just an old fashioned country girl with an achey-breaky heart and a voice big as Texas. (Or is it the other way around?) Plain and simple, that's me. Hell, I've sung my songs all over the damn place - Dallas, Tallahassee, Ravensbrook, Port Smith. I have indeed. But fame hasn't changed the essential, uh, essence of that little high strung, starry eyed, oil smudged (Daddy had wells) Houston girl. I am and will always be easy and comfortable as an old shoe. And to show ya'll that fame has not robbed me of my sense of humor, I'm gonna show you a picture of what I look like first thing in the morning. Maybe later we'll even put on a little sound clip, get things hoppin' around here. Frankly, this dead as nails e-zine could use some snazzing up. Max tries, Lord knows he tries, but damn, the man just doesn't know how to kick up his heels and let go. Anymaybehow, here is yours truly first thing in the morning when she gets outta bed:

Click on the honey, honey.

Or how about a heart-crunching scene from my childhood?

Wallpaper of moi and Babs Striesand dressed identically
and chatting about my favorite subject - THE THEATER!

(Or, if you would prefer to take the coward's way out and return to Max City - ed.)