My name is Max Pearson.  I live in a small
fishing community on the Texas Gulf Coast.
Boliver Peninsula, to be exact.  Near Gilchrist.

I'm a playwright. For what that's worth. My scripts have been produced at Main Street Theatre in Houston, the Houston Skyline Theatre, Theatre Southwest, at the Texas Renaissance Festival and at Puszh Studio in Chicago. Several years ago I was a 'back-up' minstrel with Checkmate Theatrical Productions. For nine weekends in autumn I wore tights and spoke with an Irish brogue. On my archives page you'll find a group shot of the court. I'm the one lurking behind King Henry VIII.

I moved from Houston to the beach because, well, I've been sick. I won't bore you with the details. Suffice it to say, I thought a simpler lifestyle might be beneficial. So like the hardy sea grape, I transplanted myself. I only hope I'm that resilient. In Houston I was pounded pretty hard.

Anyway, since relocating here I've been exercising, meditating, juicing vegetables, taking outrageous food suppliments. You're familiar with the routine. Last ditch effort. If I'd known I was going to live this long I woulda yada yada yada. But hey, I'm learning to make neat stuff out of driftwood!

Like this handy
Renaissance Walking Staff
Constructed from Quality Texas Hardwoods!

Okay okay - I'm not trying to sell you a stick. Besides, this one isn't even mine. Mine looks like this one but mine is MUCH bigger. (heh heh heh) Here's what happened. The other day I went out and bought an electric sander. My first power tool. I was so proud. I had been finding all these interesting things on the beach and I thought, "Hmm."

My efforts at self-improvement seem to be working, by the way. I am much improved. And I feel better than I have in a long time.

I hope you've enjoyed MAX CITY. If you have, please let me know. No compliment is unappreciated, no complaint ignored, and no detail too insignificant.

Now don't be shy because I'm not.

And thanks for visiting my little city.