Where am I?       What am I doin' here?

This don't look like Detroit. I did Detroit. On stage. In the flesh.

 It was, ummmmmmm, vivid.

My name is Mae West.   Maybe you've heard of me.

Maybe you've seen me somewhere.   Philly, maybe.

If you click at the bottom of this page,

  I'll tell you some Nasty Noisery Rhymes.

You know, Filthy Fairy Stories.  I'll tell you

about Snow White and the Big Bad Wolf.  I'll tell

you about Rumpled Foreskin and Little Jack Horny.

These characters may not be pure.

They may not be good.

They may not be clean.

But then.

Nobody's poifect.

Except me.
Hi, I'm Jayne Mansfield.

I am afraid I don't know
any fairies or any stories.

But just click below and
you'll find lots of relics.

The Brown Derby - Scenes, Sex, Stories

Adult Nursery Rhymes - More Mae West

Max City